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Welcome to Stained Glass Fargo

Stained Glass Supplies     

Stained Glass Fargo offers a full line of stained glass crafting tools, supplies and materials. The hobbyist of any skill level will be able to find what they need. We can also order a wide variety of specialty items from the nations largest stained glass vendors.

Cabinet Door Glass            
Special Services                

For 40+ years we have provided a large selection of cabinet door glasses to the kitchen fabrication companies in the area. Our current sample set contains30 samples that we continually stock . Please contact Stained Glass Fargo for a sample set and price sheet.

There are a wide variety of other specialty glass products that we can provide - curved curio glass, beveled glass, table tops, fire-molded glass and many others. The only restriction is that we no longer provide installation or fabrication

services. But we can get you started.

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